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  • LCD Buyback Program
  • What is the LCD Buyback Program? 

    With our LCD Buyback program, you can get credit for all the broken screens laying around in your facility! We simply “buy back” your cracked screens in exchange for a credit to our website via reward points.


    How much credit can I expect for my LCDs?

    To receive a quote for your buyback, click the orange tab for LCD Buyback and choose “ Submit buyback request". There, you will see a list of price offerings for each type of LCD. Please note if the LCD is not working, we will not issue credit. In that case, we will call and ask if you prefer that we mail back the broken LCDs to you, or if you want us to toss them. There will be a $5 shipping fee to ship back broken LCDs.

    Is there a minimum quantity of screens you accept?

    No, there is no minimum quantity of screens we accept for the LCD Buyback program.


    Does the digitizer and LCD need to work for me to send it?

    Yes, the LCD needs to be working, and the screen needs to respond to touch for us to accept it.


    Where can I view pricing?

    You can view pricing by logging into your account and selecting the “LCD Buyback” button up top. From there, click ‘Request New Buyback.”


    How long does it take for me to get reward points? 

    Please allow up to 15 business days from the moment we receive the package for you to receive your reward points credit.


    What if I am not sure if some screens work?

    Our RMA/ LCD Buyback department tests all of the LCDs. If there are some that don’t work, a member of our team will give you a call to let you know how many.


  • Payments and Pricing
  •  Do you offer different pricing if I buy in bulk?

    We offer tiered pricing on most of our products. For any additional questions about discounts, please contact your sales representative.


    What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently accept credit card and PayPal for methods of payment. 

    I don't feel comfortable paying with a card online. Can I pay over the phone?

    Definitely! Please give Customer Relations a call at (312) 450-7265 and we'll be happy to assist you.


    Is my payment information secure?

    Yes! For your safety and security, we do not save any credit card or PayPal information in our system.


    Do you offer price matching?

    We do not offer price matching at this time.

  • Product Questions
  • What is ReNū?

    ReNū is ReVamp Electronics’ premium brand of parts. Please see the ReNū page for more information.


    You are out of stock for a product I need—how will I know when it is back in stock?

    We will send an email when our main SKU numbers are back in stock. If you need a part outside of our main LCD and digitizer assemblies, please email and request a notification for particular part.


    Do you offer pre-ordering?

    We do not offer pre-ordering at this time. Please call us or email if you would like a phone call or email reminder when a specific product is back in stock. 


    Do you sell accessories?

    Yes! Please check out our Simple Snap and Mahngo pages

  • Repairs
  • Do you still do repairs?

    ReVamp Electronics no longer does repairs. If you provide your current location, we are happy to recommend one of the great repair shops we supply in your area


  • Reward Points
  • What are reward points?

    Reward points are our way of giving back to our customers. You earn reward points by purchasing some ReNū brand products, or as credit for an RMA or LCD Buyback. 1000 reward points are equivalent to $1.

    Do reward points expire?

    Reward points expire after 120 days. ReVamp Wholesale is not responsible for the reinstatement of reward points once they expire. We encourage all of our customers to use reward points in a prompt manner. If you have questions, please give us a call at (312) 450-7265 or email us at


    How can I redeem my reward points?

    When you are in the check out process on the order page, you will see an option to redeem reward points. The total number you have will be listed. Reward points must be redeemed in values of at least 500. For example, if you have 1700 reward points, you can enter 1500 reward points to be redeemed, and 200 will remain in your balance.

  • Shipping
  • I want my order to go out today--what are the shipping cutoff times?

     Please note all cutoff times are in the Central Standard Timezone. Please adjust accordingly based on your location's timezone. 

    FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, and DHL:                                                    5:00PM CST (M-F)

    USPS:                                                                                                          6:00PM CST (M-F)

    UPS Air: (2nd Day and Next Day Air)                                                        8:00PM CST (M-F)

    FedEx Express: (2Day, Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight)             8:00PM CST (M-F)

    For Saturday, the shipping cutoff for all carriers is (4PM CST)


    How much does shipping cost?

    The cost of shipping depends on the weight of the shipment and the delivery service and location. We offer $5 flat rate USPS Priority and FedEx Ground shipping for all orders under $250.* We also offer free FedEx Ground shipping for all orders over $250, free FedEx Standard Overnight shipping for all orders over $800, and free FedEx Priority Overnight shipping for all orders over $1,000.** Please be sure to select your preferred method of shipment when you place your order as this is not done automatically.

    *Discounted shipping deals are only eligible for orders shipping within the United States.

    ** Priority Overnight Shipping deal excludes Saturday delivery


    How long does it take to ship to…?

    Please see the below graphic for FedEx Ground ship time estimates.


    How can I ensure I get Saturday delivery?

    To ensure you get Saturday delivery, place your order on Friday and select "FedEx Priority Overnight," and then the "Saturday Delivery" option. 


    I want to email ReVamp my own shipping label. Where do I send it?

    Send your label to and please put your order number in the subject heading.


    I want to add a product to my previous order—How do I do this so I am not charged double shipping?

    Please call Customer Relations to ensure your package has not been shipped yet. If it hasn’t, place an order with the item you need to add, and then select “Add to Order” as your shipping method. The two orders will be packaged and shipped together.


     Can I request a signature requirement with my order?

    Absolutely! Please call Customer Relations after placing your order to make sure a signature is required.


    Do you ship internationally?

    Currently, we ship to the US and Canada with no special ID required. If you are requesting shipment to a different country, we require a copy of a government issued ID and proof of credit card/payment. Please call Customer Relations at (312) 450-7265 for further inquiries into international shipping. 

    Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

    USPS is the only method of shipment that will ship to a P.O. Box. Please use a physical address if possible.  

  • Tracking Packages
  • How do I track my package?

    You can track your package by either logging into your account, and clicking the tracking number in the order you would like to track, or by clicking the tracking number in the shipping confirmation we emailed to you. 


    To track your FedEx package, Click Here


    To track your UPS package, Click Here


    To track your USPS package, Click Here


    To track your DHL package, Click Here


    I paid for overnight shipping and did not receive my package today. Will I be reimbursed for this?

    It depends on the reason for the delay. Weather related shipping issues are not eligible for reimbursement. Please call Customer Relations to determine the cause of the delay and to see if you are eligible for a refund.   

  • Warranty and Returns
  • What is an RMA?

    RMA stands for “Return Merchandise Authorization,” and is our term for the return of defective parts. If you believe your part is defective, we ask that you submit an RMA request form before mailing the part back to us. This is found on the drop down menu to the left side of your account page. Before we can offer reward points or replacement parts, we need to test your parts to be sure they are defective. We also wait to give replacement parts or reward points until we receive the part because we need to make sure the part is ours.

    How long is your warranty?

    Lifetime Warranty - All Parts

    Lifetime Warranty - SimpleSnap Screen Protectors is pleased to provide you with a Lifetime Warranty on all of our parts, even after installation, provided there is no physical damage to the part.  To be eligible, you must first file for a return authorization number using our online RMA system before returning any parts to our facility.  All non-defective or sealed products returned to for refund are subject to a processing & restocking fee determined on a case by case basis (up to 25%). The RMA system can be found here.

    All return requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Any item shipped back prior to contacting for authorization will be sent back at the owner’s expense. We do not offer any returns, refunds or exchanges on tools that we sell. 

    PLEASE NOTE: A Return Authorization Number does not imply that credit or exchange will be issued. It is only an authorization to return a product to us for evaluation. We reserve the right to reject any return based on its condition or non-compliance with our return policy.

    Do you pay return shipping?

    We do not pay return shipping on defective parts. We do pay to ship the replacement part back to you, using USPS priority.


    I’m not sure this part came from ReVamp, but I want to return it—how can I tell?

    There will be a stamp or sticker with the letters, “CB” on the back of all ReVamp Wholesale parts. If you are still unsure, please email a picture to or give us a call at 312-450-7265.


    I damaged the defective part removing it from a customer's device--can I still return it?

    These will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  If we are able to test the original issue with the part, we are happy to take it back under our warranty

    I'm not sure which order my defective part came from. What do I do? 

    That's okay! You don’t need to know which order the part came from in order to return it to us. 

    Where do I ship my RMA?

    ReVamp Electronics

    Attention: RMA

    344 N. Ogden Ave.

    Floor 1

    Chicago, IL 60607


    How can I track my RMA?

    With the tracking information, the carrier provided when you dropped the package off.


    How long does it take to get points or a replacement part?

    From the moment the package arrives at our facility, please allow for 24-48 hours to receive reward point credits, or to have your exchange shipped out.


    Why is my RMA "Rejected"?

    RMAs are rejected because the item you submitted is damaged or is not ours.


    Do you hold on to rejected RMA items?

    We will hold onto your rejected RMA for up to 10 business days. Afterward, the item will be recycled accordingly.


    How can I have my rejected RMA item sent back to me?

    Absolutely. We’d be happy to send back your rejected RMAs with an impending order, or via USPS for a 5000 deduction of reward points from your account.