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About Revamp Wholesale

ReVamp Wholesale is the distribution arm of ReVamp Electronics LLC. This part of the company is focused on the distribution of wireless repair parts, pre-owned devices & accessories. Since the division's launch, the ReNū™ line of parts has been developed as well as our new flag-ship products, Simple Snap™ Screen Protectors and the Mahngo™ accessory line.

  • 16,500+ Satisfied Customer Accounts
  • 150,000+ Orders Fulfilled YTD
  • 99%+ Stock Availability
  • 40+ Team Members
  • 11+ Countries

Meet Our Team

We're not just another online wholesale supplier without a face.  We're REAL people.  And we love YOU, our customers.  Come visit our facilities in Chicago anytime, we love visitors!

Revamp Wholesale